10 Common Editorial mistakes in websites

10 Common Editorial Mistakes In Websites

Typos, grammatical errors, and readability issues not only impact whether someone decides to buy in the first place, it also has a huge impact on how they interact with your business over the long run, including whether they recommend your business to others. It is embarrassing to recommend a site with grammatical errors to your friend.

1. Typos

Typos are a very common mistake. You can’t help if your fingers slip right? Instead of leaving those, go back through and fix those mistakes. It will really give your website a much more professional look. Now, if you are trying to make a website that looks like a mess, then okay, you can leave the typos.

2. Spelling Errors

If you have a constant struggle with spelling, you might think others don’t care.  There are people who notice the spelling mistakes, and they also make your website look less well-done and professional. So make sure your spelling is correct, and it will improve your website.

3. Wrong Homophone

Just imagine if someone was reading your website, and suddenly they came across a place where you used Isle instead of Aisle… you really don’t want people thinking they are supposed to be going to the eighth island, when you meant the eighth aisle in a store. It can be confusing, and it can also give some people a good laugh. Sometimes it can be confusing and cause a good laugh at the same time… along with them leaving your website.

4. Too wordy 

I am sure you have seen this, where they take a long and elaborate fancy way of saying the smallest little thing, and just continue talking forever and ever. Too wordy basically means that you talk too much and tell everyone every little thing, even things that they could figure out on their own. You don’t have to tell them that, you don’t have to go on and on and on and on forever with unending words. In case you aren’t tired of this and you don’t get the point, I will continue elaborately, continuing to speak beautiful unending long-winded tiring annoying endless words, without stopping and will tire you out by the time you get to the end, provided that you stay that long… do you understand too wordy?  Or shall I continue? I’m sure you are screaming “No”, so let’s move on to the next.

5. To much Jargon

If you use too much Jargon, no one will have any idea what you are saying. Don’t break your CSS, and make sure the JS and PHP are right, and don’t break the search engine trying to change the HTML. Yes, and don’t forget your SSL, CPU, HDD and IP. Also, always remember, HTTPS is better than HTTP. You see, Jargon. You want people to understand what you are saying, and not get lost in jargon. Jargon is floccinaucinihilipilification. You must make sure you are using words everyone knows.

6. Over-simplified or Folksy writing Unless part of your brand

While you don’t want too much jargon or lots of complicated sentences, you don’t want to over-simplify it either. If you shorten everything too much, it will leave people confused and feeling rushed. You need to say what you need to say quickly, but still say it. Also, try not to use U for you or other things like that, unless it is part of your website to do that a lot.

7. Passive voice

Sentences that have a linking verb are often harder to follow because the action is done by the noun that is at the end of the sentence. Examples of a linking verb are: am, appear, are, being, been, become, be, seem, stay, sound, smell, was, were, taste, turn, is, remain, grow, look, and feel. Avoid these. 

8. Easily recognized stock images

Easily recognized stock images

You either want your own original pictures, or maybe a stock image that isn’t easily recognized. If someone looks at your website and sees that you are using a bunch of stock images, they are going to laugh, and maybe even leave. So make sure your pictures are not easily recognized as stock images. 

9. Copied articles

You want your own original content on your website, content that can’t be found anywhere else, that way people will want to come to your website. Also, if you aren’t careful when copying articles you could get in trouble. If you are going to copy articles, make sure you cite it.

10. Lorem Ipsum or default content

Lorem Ipsum or default content

One mistake you want to be sure you don’t make, is to leave the Lorem Ipsum in a post or in the footer. If you do, people will probably be looking at your website or showing it to their friend and having a good laugh over it. Make sure you only have your own content in there and no default content or Lorem Ipsum—It will make your site be more well-done.