6 Text Mistakes to Watch Out For in Your Website

6 Text Mistakes to Watch Out For in Your Website

Small visual issues can add up to a general perception that your business does not care or does not know how to make quality products. A fair minded person might recognize that you can be really good at your craft and just not very good with computers, but most people are going to subconsciously judge your product or service based on the quality of your site.

1. Mis-matched and inconsistent font usage

Changing the font of your text constantly is not a good idea.  It just looks tacky and draws people’s attention away from what you are saying and directs it to the formatting. It can also confuse your visitors and overwhelm them.

2. Unreadable text because because of color choice or busy background

Your color choice really can affect if people can read your text. And you really should be careful, because a small amount of text can make a big difference. Every word in your website should be important, so that missing just one of those is a problem. Now if that word isn’t important, you can solve the problem and just get rid of it.

3. Script, handwritten or cursive fonts

If you use complex fonts it is likely to make it hard to read, and impossible to skim through –which is what most people do btw. It is best to use simple san-serif fonts like: Arial, Futura, and many others.

4. Text overlapping images

I don’t think I have to say much about this one… If your text and your pictures are overlapping it is going to look very unprofessional, un-trust-worthy, and could make it hard to read your highly valuable text too.

5. Over or undersized fonts

If you make the words too big, it is just going to be frustrating having to constantly scroll down to see more, but if it is too small, nobody (especially elderly) is going to be able to, or will have to strain more than what is comfortable to read it.

6. Pages filled with links with no content or anchor text

Pages filled with links with no content or anchor text
Pages filled with links look tacky.

Pages filled with links looks tacky. You want your website to looks professional, not tacky. If it has a lot of links with content in between, that is fine, or if it has anchor text. But if is a page filled with lines and lines of links, well, it does the opposite of improving your website’s looks.