7 Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Website

7 Tips for Increasing Traffic to Your Website

No matter how great your website is, it is useless if people do not pass through to see it.

1. Use Meta Tags

Meta tags are what tell search engines if your website is relevant to what people are searching for. Your Meta tag does not show up on your website; only search engines see it. The Search engine shows your website in the search results when the keywords they search match your meta tags.

2. Have a Single h1 on each Page

Each post or page should have a single h1. If it has more than one it will confuse search engines and your readers. When you put up a second h1 your readers will think you are starting a new post, and the search engine…well, it will just be confused, and your site may not show up in search results.

3. Promote Across the Social Media

People are not very likely to find your website if you don’t tell people about it. If you share it across social media, people are more likely to notice your website and start exploring it.


An SSL certificate protects sensitive information of users and customers (like banking info, and personal information). It also boosts your Google rankings, making your website easier to find when people search for businesses like yours.

5. Write Fresh Content Often

People are more likely to come back to your website if they know there might be new content. If you aren’t adding fresh content often, people will just give up and forget about your website and never come back, so make sure to put up new content often.

6. Make a Quality Domain Name

Believe it or not, the name of your website can affect whether people come back to your website or not. People make big assumptions based on the name of your website. If your website name is silly or cheesy, people may think your entire website is silly and cheesy.

7. Make Sure Your Website Supports all Browsers

If your website doesn’t work on Firefox, anyone who uses Firefox will not be able to see your website. This causes you to lose hundreds of customers. On the other hand, if your website only works on Firefox, you are losing the people who use all the other browsers in the world. That’s a lot of people. You need to test your website on all browsers to make sure your content is available to all of your customers.