Color and Spacing Mistakes to Avoid in Your Website

Color and Spacing Mistakes to Avoid in Your Website

Small visual issues can add up to a general perception that your business does not care or does not know how to make quality products. A fair minded person might recognize that you can be really good at your craft and just not very good with computers, but most people are going to subconsciously judge your product or service based on the quality of your site.

Inconsistent or Insufficient White Space

Inconsistent or insufficient whitespace
Insufficient white-space decreases readability.

Spacing is important. You must have enough white space in your website but not too much. If you don’t have enough space, things run into each other, but if you have too much it will look boring an empty and may confuse your readers.

Misaligned Text

Misaligned text is confusing and hard to read, especially if it overlaps an image or other text. Another reason you should avoid misaligned text is because it makes your website look unkempt, and gives the impression that you don’t care. It has much the same effect as not brushing your hair in the morning.

Odd blank spaces

Odd blank spaces

An odd blank space on your website is like that awkward silence in your conversation that you wish you could fill in, but you just can’t think of anything to say. This is uncomfortable for you and, yes, it is uncomfortable for them too. A professional website builder knows how to smoothly transition from one part of the conversation to the next without leaving his audience to stumble through the awkward silences searching for what comes next.

Overloaded Menus

Overloaded menus

It is always good to have a menu to get from place to place on your site— But this might be a little too much. Overloaded menus are really tacky and hard to maneuver. Think about the key things that people will be looking for and put those on the menu. This is not a place to put a link to every single page.

Too Much Red or Other Hot Color

Too much red or other “hot” color

Hot colors can be very powerful for attracting attention, however it is, in fact, possible to have TOO MUCH HOT COLOR! Take this example of a page with a bright red background. It just hurts. Nobody wants to look at this. Hot colors must be used in moderation or they will turn eyes away instead of attracting them to your site.

Clashing color palette or none at all

Clashing color palette or none at all

This may look like an exaggerated example, but sadly there are actually sites out there that look like this. Even if this isn’t you, it is important to make sure your color choices are pleasant. Too many colors just hurt the eyes, but, a completely colorless site can be bland. Poor color choices are often associated with ancient websites, and thus affect not only the appeal to your readers eyes, but also their level of trust for you. Readers associate old websites with information that is not up-to-date and will usually look elsewhere for whatever they are looking for if they see that your site is an antique.