A template can never get you more than 90% there…and the other 10% is usually what you care the most about.



How many pages/pictures/video and visitors can my site handle?»


I really want to know how much bandwidth and storage I get.»


What happens if I go over the limit?»


How much is my site going to cost?»


Wow! Why do websites cost so much?»


So why are your prices so low?»


Do you have payment plans?»


Can you handle a site/project this big?»


I have heard a lot about free/cheaper sites? Do you do free?»


My site has to be pretty. Some of the sites in your portfolio are ugly.»


Can I make changes and add new pages myself?»


What happens if I destroy my site?»


What happens if my computer breaks?»


What happens if something breaks and it is nobody's fault?»


What if I cannot afford Kdari (A.K.A the best web design and hosting company in the world)?»


Can you just fix my current site?»


How can I make my site more popular?»


So what is everything anyway?»


Is there anything you guys don't do?»

A really, really, large amount!! How much is that? It depends on the size of the pictures/video and how many pages the visitor loads per minute. All our hosting limits are fairly flexible. Additional features are the deciding factor in choosing a plan.

7 GB Storage space. 50GB per month bandwidth.

If you go over the 7GB limit on storage space, you will be charged $1 for each additional GB. If for some unforeseeable reason, you require more than 50GB of bandwidth in a month, you will need to purchase an additional 50GB of bandwidth at a cost of $20 per month.

Well… that is a bit like asking, “So, how much would just a normal house cost?”

  • Little house – $1M;
  • Big house – $5M

Easy, right?

Not exactly. There are thousands of variables to consider, but we do have simple pricing options. We also give you the option of picking from all the ingredients you need for your site if you’re more inclined to.

It takes a lot of time and some very expensive tools to build websites right. Sure you can build a website on your own with free tools, but you will see the difference in the results.

Perhaps If your target customers are very frugal you might be able to convince them that you are saving them money by building the cheapest site possible but that’s propably not going to work out well. The stores that “always” have the lowest prices spend millions on their website because the website is an important tool to present the business or organization.

A professional site not only makes you look better which increases sales, it also extends the reach of your business. Well built sites rank higher in search engines and get linked to more often. Links from popular sites on relevant topics bring more of the right visitors. By the way, “well built” includes a lot more than good looks and keywords.

Another benefit of a well built site is the ability to make changes without breaking the whole site. This is huge, but easy to forget in the rush to get something up cheap and quick. Search engines and regular visitors both, are constantly looking for new and up-to-date information. A site that isn’t easy to make changes to is going to stagnate and lose the ability to bring in new customers.

But, the biggest cost of a website, is making and then remaking the site. Many sites are rebuilt three or more times in the first month. That’s why web design companies have to charge so much. Time costs money.

Most web professionals spend hours writing detailed project plans and building elaborate custom quotes even for projects they may never do. This adds a huge amount to the cost of those projects they actually do.

They do this to protect themselves from projects that keep getting bigger and bigger and costing them more money. Too many changes would result in them making little or nothing for their efforts. Customers willingly pay extra for the project plan so that they know ahead of time exactly what the site will cost and to protect them from cost run ups. A scope document is a very valuable thing as well as transferable. Though we charge a small amount to write a scope document for your project, when it is done, it belongs to you. You can submit this scope document to other web designers to compare price should you choose. We’re not afraid of a little competition.

We also discovered that a published price-calculator provides a double benefit. First it saves us a lot of time (money) that we used to spend sending quotes to people who were “just browsing.” Second, you know that you are getting a fair price which increases trust.

We also save a lot of money by drinking tea instead of beer. Seriously, the savings are huge!

Yes. Actually we strongly encourage starting small and growing fast. This keeps your first month cost low and then you can add features and content over the following months.

If the start up costs are still too high and you need those features in order to launch, talk to us. We are passionate about start-ups and, depending on the project, we would love to help out.

Probably. We have done large and content heavy websites, but if you have a $10k+ budget, you have plenty of other options. We’ll save our time for boot-strapping start-ups, and helping the non-profits we love.

No . There are hundreds of other companies offering websites from free to $10/month. Sure most of them are pathetic, but WordPress.com offers a really nice free site. The free version is ad-supported, but you can go ad-free for just a few dollars a month. If you need even more power, flexibility or options, Page.ly may be just what you need.

But free and low-cost plans just cover the hosting. You are still going to have to build the site yourself or pay someone to build it.

That is why we’re here. We are service oriented, and web design is just one of the services our team offers.

Thank you! We worked hard to make those sites exactly the way the customer wanted them, and we will make yours just the way you want it… even if we don’t agree with your tastes.

Show us any site or set of sites or just a picture of anything that you like. We can make your site look like anything you want.

Yes. Every page on your new site is user editable. If you can use email, you can edit your site, but you don’t have to. We offer retainer services that can handle all of that for you so you can spend your time bringing in more money.

Nightly back-ups are available. It’s pretty difficult to destroy your site, but if worse comes to worst we can get you out of it.

We provide emergency phone support and can help you find the best option for any technology decisions you need to make.

We are still going to find the solution. I guess you could say “the buck stops here”.

When things go wrong, it really does not matter whose fault it is. You need a solution, and we are not going to stop until we find one.

Our prices are low but as we already explained, we are not free, and free is really not what you want anyway. So how do you start?

Once you are making plenty of money you will be able to afford a website without a problem, but it is going to be really hard to get to that point without a really great site to start out with.

Even getting a business loan these days almost requires a great looking website.

There are still many options, though. Call/email us and share your idea. We will talk about ways to get your idea funded.

Sure can. We have worked with hundreds of different technologies and have fixed many existing sites.

Don’t be surprised, though, if we suggest a technology update, especially if you have a lot of changes. Sometimes upgrading is cheaper than making a lot of updates to your old site.

Many companies offer get-rich-schemes where they perform black-magic SEO and marketing to make your site super popular.

Keywords and lots of links are important, but beware companies whose primary focus is on SEO, SEM, keywords, link-building or any other way to game the system.

Research has shown over and over again that good content (the words, pictures, etc on your site) beats every game the SEO guys cook up.

Quality information that readers find useful enough to share with other people, especially when it’s frequently updated, will bring thousands of visitors and will make your site a huge success. Kdari doesn’t stop with web design. Head on over to our Complete Services area to see some of the content creation services we offer.

Kdari web-service plans include hosting, content management, technical support (even if it is not directly related to your site), design support, traffic building (SEO and social media), web-research.

(Note: You may want to shoot us an email if you think of something not on the list. Kdari Virtual Partners can probably handle it for you.)

We really don’t do sites for large corporations. Our favorite customers are small businesses, non-profits, and especially start-ups. We live and promote the principle, “Start small, grow fast.”

We don’t do sites that hurt people physically or emotionally. We actively avoid sites that promote drugs, alcohol, nudity, hate, gambling, and multilevel marketing. Also since we build sites for a lot of religious organizations, we avoid anything potential customers might find morally offensive.

We don’t build or host sites that spam, auto-blog, or try to game the system. Well written content will yield consistent long-term growth that will beat out the competition over time.

See Terms of Service.

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